Amazing Magnetic Robots

Magnetically Actuated Micro-Robots for advanced Manipulation Applications Continue reading

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The Search for the Best Thermal Compound [UPDATE 1]

In the time from the last post, quite a few things had arrived in the mail, like the temperature sensors and the MSOP PCB adaptors. Here’s a picture for you to enjoy my crappy soldering.Image Now I am waiting for the perfboard do arrive, i’m itching to see if the temperature sensor’s work.(Or maybe i let the magic smoke out when i am soldering D;) I have got some code from here that should work(In theory, but everyone knows that StackExchange code NEVER works completely properly D;) i have decided on the 3 thermal compound that i am going to use; Arctic Silver 5, IC Diamond ,arctic cooling MX-2 and a cheap $1 paste from Ebay. Again, if you guys have any suggestions, I’m open.

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The Search for the Best Thermal Compound (Year 8 Science Major Project)

As there is are always heated discussions on the forums about the best thermal compound, I will try to determine, at least from the pure thermal conductivity point of view which thermal pastes are the best. The tests are by no means conclusive as there are more than just the temperature that makes a good paste.

So, for my science major project, I am doing a thermal paste comparison between five to seven different major thermal pastes.

For the temperature measurements, i will be using 5 MCP9804 temperature sensors on the I2C bus connected to my raspberry pi which will do the data logging.

I when I finish the tests I will post the results on the blog.

Let me know what thermal pastes you want me to test, just not the RIDICULOUSLY expansive ones($20+)

I know people have done this before but they did so on a real computer, not in a controlled setting with all variables manages ie. the amount of heat produced etc etc.

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Altoids tin arduino PDA thingy:

Basically an Altoids tin with a lithium battery, OLED screen(monochrome),attiny2313 and a few tack switches. up, down , left, right and mayby a select and another button (enter). i would like to do a few things with it like basic note taking and timetable display. If anyone knows how a thing like that can be implemented? is so, i would love to hear from you!

BTW, are Altoids tins conductive? also does anyone know a way of getting cheap Altoids tins in Australia?

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usb 1.1 on atmega328 V-usb

i recently heard about the project v-usb which uses the HID interface of usb to create a usb device that was plug and play, combine that with a raspberry pi, small (2.8″) screen and a lithium battery and bam! next generation handheld console(maybe not). i am planning to order  all the parts off element14 soon and i will post a project update next week.


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SiriProxy on the Raspberry pi (IN PROGRESS)

the short version, it doesn’t work

the long version:


rake, bundler, various ruby stuff

and Siriproxy to a certain extent (loads but when you hold the home button it crashes)

what doesn’t work:


i need root permissions to make siriproxy work but it screws up cfscheduler xD


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